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Practical cooperation between China, Solomon Islands yields fruitful outcomes: FM spokesperson

2022-10-09 08:36·Xinhua News Agency
by Gu Shanshan

BEIJING, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning on Saturday said the fruitful outcomes of friendly exchanges and practical cooperation between China and Solomon Islands are the fundamental reasons why people in Solomon Islands have a positive perception of China.

Mao made the remarks at a regular press briefing in response to an Australian report alleging that Chinese diplomats in Solomon Islands tried to shape public opinion in the country.

Since China and Solomon Islands established diplomatic relations three years ago, the Chinese side has vigorously promoted friendly exchanges and practical cooperation with Solomon Islands in various sectors guided by the principle of mutual respect, equality, mutual benefit, openness and inclusiveness, Mao said, adding that this has yielded tangible and fruitful outcomes and delivered concrete benefits to the local people.

"This is the fundamental reason why people in Solomon Islands have developed a more positive and appreciative view of China and why friendship has been deepening between our two countries," said the spokesperson.

She said that in Solomon Islands and other Pacific island countries, people think highly of China because China has delivered for their countries.

"People can tell who exactly is running a disinformation campaign, and who is genuinely contributing to island countries' development. Those who deliberately seek to sow discord with false narratives will achieve nothing," Mao added.