Guest Opinion: Xi's message to Americans

Who can deny that the world would benefit by stable U.S.-China relations? Who can deny that the world would benefit by...

Xinhua News Agency. · 2024-04-12

Guest Opinion: China's economic success in face of growing U.S., EU protectionism

The absolute best solution for the world economy would be for China, the United States, and Europe to maintain open...

· 2024-04-12

Guest Opinion: China's new quality productive forces: a force for good

Improving urban air quality has been an ongoing effort for Nairobi, Kenya's capital city. To contribute to this effort, ...

Xinhua News Agency · 2024-04-11

Hungary-China investment summit focuses on renewable energy collaboration

Industry leaders and government officials from Hungary and China convened on Tuesday at the 2024 Hungary Renewable...

Xinhua News Agency · 2024-04-11

Chinese NEVs become a booster of automobile transformation

China's NEVs not only provide diversified choices for global consumers, but also help more countries achieve green and...

xinhua news agency · 2024-04-10

Japan-born panda Xiang Xiang connects fans in Tokyo

A fan-sharing event was held for giant panda Xiang Xiang, a Japan-born panda who returned to China last year.

xinhua news agecy · 2024-04-10

Explainer: Why does China-Europe Express Rail expand so fast and become more efficient

According to China State Railway Group Co., Ltd., by the end of February 2024, the railway service connects 120 Chinese ...

xinhua news agecy · 2024-04-09

Smart agricultural platform improves production efficiency in central China

taff members transport seedlings at a smart planting base in Datonghu District of Yiyang City

Xinhua news agency · 2024-04-09

Yearender: Ten years on, BRI blazes new path of win-win cooperation for common development

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Over the past decade, the BRI cooperation...

Xinhua News Agency · 2024-01-04

GLOBALink | BRI epitome of collective cooperation for building favorable future: Tehran mayor

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) makes a good example of collective cooperation for building a favorable future for...

Xinhua Global Service · 2023-12-29