Initiated in Beijing in April 2019, the Belt and Road Studies Network (BRSN) will be an open mechanism of academic exchange and cooperation. It will serve international think tanks, international and regional organizations and researchers, promote studies on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), share ideas and research findings, and encourage theoretical innovation, knowledge dissemination and personnel exchanges.


Annual Meetings are the largest gathering of BRSN partners. They are set to convene in Beijing to precede the biannual Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF). In years without the BRF, we will organize annual meetings at other locations in China. Academic Seminars may be planned at a chosen location outside China to localize thematic discussions. The BRSN's official website (www.brsn.net) and APP will inform partners of BRSN activities, joint research ideas, and major news and developments concerning the Belt and Road. It will serve as a means to share ideas and published work. The contact information of all partners will also be posted on the website. BRSN Journal will be published in both English and Chinese, to share articles contributed by BRSN partners.


An Initiators council will be formed to discuss activities to facilitate and support BRSN cooperation projects. BRSN Secretariat will take care of BRSN operations, including organizing meetings and seminars, facilitating communications and spearheading global efforts to promote BRSN publications. The Xinhua Institute will host the secretariat. The intellectual property of all partners are respected. Any release or publication of research findings must be authorized.

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